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    —— 布鲁盟设计 邦邦

    Cultural recognition from the bottom of heart is the basis of cultural confidence. A good design should use a relatively artistic way to protect and inherit culture, and return basis to open a new road, so as to dialogue with the world beyond the boundary.—— by Kelly Lin, Bluemoon Design



    Real cultural confidence

    should be thought about in the contemporary context



    In today’s China, the interior design is prosperous. As the witness and participant in this field, what Bluemoon De-sign concerns most is cultural confidence. This problem can be shown in the experience center of Redco Dagang Yuelanshan.



    As the eastern beginning of ancient Silk Road, Quanzhou has been thriving and prosperous since ancient time. With the integration of eastern and western culture, it shaped distinctive architecture style featured with red bricks, and nurtured unique civilization. Quanzhou, is widely known ‘Zou and Lu on the Seaside’, ‘City of Light’, and ‘The World Religious Museum’.



    Walking along the street in Quanzhou, you may pass by buildings with red bricks, encounter soft and relaxing light music, feel the vitality of daily life, and have a brilliant view of boundless sea and sky in the distance. All these humanistic spiritual elements, rooted in the thousand years of history, now has profound cultural influence.



    Put it simply, only focusing on the traditional culture and local culture can’t make breakthrough under the globalization. How to make a difference by the means of design expression and transcend culture and time? Whether is international orient or the reverse? Designers needs to create something that is associated with the reality but has some distance as well. Kelly Lin firmly believes, cultural recognition from the bottom of heart is the basis of cultural confidence.



    ‘The World Religious Museum’

    city's culture card & medium of international language



    In fact, the local culture of a city and the medium of international language has always been a subject needs explore. How to root in the thousand years of history, not only the high aesthetic requirements for space, but also the need for combining nature and humanity from spiritual perspective, and build a cultural-tourism brand for Quanzhou, are the problems Bluemoon Design faces with in the design.

    迎宾区 The Reception

    设计师最终交出了答卷 —— “隐喻、象征与链接”。设计以“世界宗教博物馆”与“海上丝绸”作为空间场景的灵感之源,以抽象化的美学创想,独特且当代的方式关照城市人文,营造一个纯净美好的审美乌托邦,建构并重构海内外闽南族群在现代性语境中的记忆与价值认同。


    The technique of  metaphor, symbolization, and connection is adopted in the design. Inspired by ‘The World Religious Museum’ and ‘Maritime Silk Road’, the design uses the the abstract aesthetics, unique and contemporary ways to pay emphasis on urban humanity. It creates a pure and wonderful utopia, reconstructs memory and value recognition for Minnan groups home and abroad in the contemporary context.

    入口 Entrance



    Kelly Lin has a keen intuition for the artistic presentation of fabric, material and color. She presents the fluid form of the sea and the satin outline of silk in a wall decoration installation, using the intertwining layers to show the profoundness of humanity.



    The irregular use of materials lets natural light flow freely in the space. The combination of transparent arc pieces and metal lines forms a hollowed-out artistic panel. In the sunset, it looks like a breezy sea or the shimmering red brick tiles of residential houses.

    楼梯 The Stairs



    More than the basic function of connecting the space, the stairs aims to create an aesthetic transition from the exterior to the interior. The winding curves add more layers and dimensions to the space and enrich its artistic styles.



    Inspired by sea and fishing

    interpret humanity and nature in the contemporary design



    By using the color of sea as its base and the structures of nets, the meaning of the design is the ripples of sea and the ridge peak of mountains. The designer transfers it into a silky, soft artistic installation gently flowing in the air, creating a humanistic scene.



    The abstract installation forms a painting in the space. The azure blue and bright white color tone fills the space with an elegant but lively atmosphere.

    洽谈区 Negotiation Area



    The color of the space takes the splicing of dark gray and light gray as the main tone, which outlines the layer and texture like the rock. Velvet chairs, curved sofas, reef-shaped coffee tables, floral wares and floral art are in harmony with light and shadow, tranquil and elegant.

    VIP洽谈区 VIP Room



    In the VIP negotiation area, exquisite chairs, transparent white porcelain lamps, ink-blue dyeing carpet, elegant protea... all these aesthetic elements in the space are closely connected with the natural taste, cultural implication, and the joy of life.



    With aesthetics and functionality

    build a joyful community



    Real good designs, should stand the aesthetic analysis in the times, and glow in daily life.

    茶室 Tea Room



    Besides the creation of aesthetic, the design of the experience center is on basis of humanity, and fully takes people’s life style and community needs into account, which is composed by Tea Room, Children Area, Feng Ya Song Book Area, Gym, Academy, Self-service Market and several areas.



    How to meet people’s need from functional, aesthetic, and spiritual level is what Bluemoon concerns about when taking advantage of colors, decorations, and accessories in design. In the Tea Room area, the designer french windows, light and shadow shine through the gap of windows.

    儿童娱乐区 Children Area



    Passing a round arch gate, it is Children Area. What you can see is furry ponies, cute bunnies, layers of starry decorations, and irregularly shaped chairs. From children’s angles, the design mainly emphasizes on enjoyment, utilizing geometrical and animal elements to help children make inspiration.



    ‘Furnishing can’t rely on the decorations while the aesthetic aspect of space needs spiritual awakening’. In the past 18 year, Bluemoon Design sticks to the creative design with high spiritual value, keeps experimenting on new ways of expression and construction, and has an original and unconventional style. In this project, the designer liberates from the previous experience again and gets inspiration from city, humanity, and nature, so as to create thoughtful and spiritual design. Protect and inherit the culture as well as dialogue with the world.

    项目名称 | 力高大港·樾澜山生活体验馆

    项目地址 | 福建 泉州

    业主单位 | 力高集团

    项目面积 | 1900㎡

    竣工时间 | 2020年10月

    硬装设计 | 布鲁盟设计

    软装设计 | 布鲁盟设计

    项目摄影 | 翱翔、景观周摄影-蒋镇东


    Project Name | Redco Dagang · YuelanshanLocation | Quanzhou, FujianProperty | Redco Real EstateArea | 1900㎡Completion | Oct. 2020

    Interior Design | Bluemoon DesignDecoration Design | Bluemoon DesignPhotographer | Ao Xiang, Landscape-zhou - Jiang Zhengdong


    邦邦 Kelly Lin



    _ Works _






    武汉华侨城·原岸 美学生活馆




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